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House of Lies TV show companion app


House of Lies is the hit Showtime comedy series, starring Don Cheadle as Marty Kaan. Set in the world of management consulting, House of Lies is the bitingly funny exposé of a very ruthless world. In order to immerse viewers in the world of Marty Kaan even more, Showtime wanted to produce an interactive app. 


The result was Stroke Your Genius, a mock business manual and, in keeping with the show’s continual breaking of the fourth wall, delivered directly from Marty himself. Fully utilising the interactive possibilities of iPad, Stroke Your Genius replicates the humour of the show, juxtaposing the respectability of an informative handbook with the sly and adult humour of the series.

Stroke Your Genius is a digital extension of the show, bringing a whole new way to understanding and enjoying the popular series.

Project delivered whilst Will was Digital Creative Director at the content marketing agency Seven



Creative Direction:

Will Currie, Mike Booth

Art Direction and Design:

Simon Campbell 

Interactive features within the app include:

  • A touch-triggered BS bingo game for spotting office jargon from other colleagues, with triggered sound clips.

  • A touch-triggered BS generator that allows users to create their own jargon, which is then given a rating. You can then share your newly created terms with others, via Twitter and Facebook.

  • Fully interactive character profiles in the form of the characters’ desks, which you can explore to unveil 360-degree videos, sound clips and other revealing truths about Marty’s colleagues.

  • User-manipulated infographics to unveil how management consultants really spend their time.

  • A fully immersive game that allows you to navigate the many professional (and unprofessional) pitfalls of the office environment.

  • A “swimming with sharks” fashion and accessories section, featuring specially commissioned attention-grabbing underwater video, layered with interactive levels of detail on each item of clothing/accessory.

  • An expenses section that allows users to view the apparently innocent expenses before rubbing, shaking or tilting their tablet device to reveal the outrageous things the House of Lies team is actually spending the company’s money on. 

  • A travel section, taking the in-flight card format and giving it a thoroughly modern and comedic twist.

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