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The challenge: Engage a hyper-elusive business audience for Fujitsu

Fujitsu wanted to grab mindshare among the world’s IT elite, become a fixture on CIOs’ strategic partner lists and build a wider awareness of the Fujitsu brand and capabilities.


The solution:

The chief information officers (CIOs) who run IT at the world’s largest companies individually control budgets that run into the hundreds of millions – sometimes billions. Not surprisingly, they’re an over-targeted, difficult-to-reach bunch. But they still need to inform their buying decisions with a deep understanding of the trends, threats and opportunities that transformational technology presents to their organisations. And they rely on a group of trusted tech vendors to help them deliver on that promise. Getting them there would mean finding a blueprint for winning and holding their attention.


We created an online platform that rivals the technology sector’s best publications: I–Global Intelligence for the CIO, or I-CIO for short. It mixes independent business journalism with genuinely valuable interviews and regular input from Fujitsu executives.

But the bigger challenge was getting them there. That was achieved by building the I-CIO 

Project delivered whilst Will was Head of Digital at the content marketing agency Seven



Creative Direction:

Will Currie, Mike Booth

Art Direction and Design:

Jason Fawcett, Paul Richards


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House of Lies is the hit Showtime comedy series, starring Don Cheadle as Marty Kaan. Set in the world of management consulting, House of Lies is the bitingly funny exposé of a very ruthless world. In order to immerse viewers in the world of Marty Kaan even more, Showtime wanted to produce an interactive app. 


The result was Stroke Your Genius, a mock business manual and, in keeping with the show’s continual breaking of the fourth wall, delivered directly from Marty himself. Fully utilising the interactive possibilities of iPad, Stroke Your Genius replicates the humour of the show, juxtaposing the respectability of an informative handbook with the sly and adult humour of the series.

Stroke Your Genius is a digital extension of the show, bringing a whole new way to understanding and enjoying the popular series.


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